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Will a Maintenance Agreement Help My Home This Winter?

What can maintenance agreements do for me really?

Technician performing HVAC system maintenance

It’s almost winter, and you might be wondering about maintenance agreements. Do you need one? Are they a good investment? And most importantly, will they help your home this winter? That’s the real question. And the answer is yes. Here’s how:

Consistent Temperature and Comfort

When your heating system isn’t working up to par, the temperature can become inconsistent and affect your comfort level. One thing a service agreement can do is ensure regular maintenance on your heating system, which can help keep it working properly and keep the temperature where it should be.

Reduced Risk of System Failure and Increased Efficiency

Sometimes there can be small issues going on within your heating system that you might not even know exist because they haven’t yet begun to affect the temperature in your home. Service agreements mean that your system gets inspected every year before heating season begins.

Regular inspections and maintenance can find those small issues before they become big, and costly, repairs. In addition to reduced risk of breakdown, regular maintenance helps your heater run more efficiently. During regular annual maintenance, the components are inspected, cleaned, adjusted, and calibrated to make sure they’re running at peak performance. This reduces friction and wear and tear, which in turn increases the efficiency of the system.

Whether you’re looking for consistent heating, reduced chance of middle-of-the-night breakdowns, or more energy efficiency, regular maintenance for your heating system is good for you and good for your home. For information on the right maintenance agreements for you, contact our friendly team of experts at H.H. Hovey by calling 336-768-2703.

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