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Lower Energy Costs & Maximize Comfort Levels

Zoning systems are one of the most effective strategies for lowering monthly energy costs, reducing the strain on your residential or commercial HVAC system, and customizing your temperature controlled environment to the highest degree. 

Our goal is to create energy smart and cost-efficient cooling systems for your home or your business, and experience has shown that a zoning plan is the smartest way to accomplish this. Zoning allows you to have a separate thermostat controls for different areas throughout your building, or zones in your home or business at different times during the day and night.

Zoning takes several factors into account when determining your cooling preferences and devising a cost-effective, energy efficient strategy. The cooling load changes depending on external temperature, position of the sun, and time of day. This way your heating and cooling needs respond to changes in the immediate environment and allocate resources where they are needed most.

It’s a simple yet effective method for targeting hotspots in your home or office and redistributing energy where and when it’s most needed. Zoning systems cool rooms individually and tend to greatly reduce the energy waste of any HVAC system.

If you don’t think a zoning system is right for you, ask yourself this question: is there ever one room in your home that is always too cold or too hot, while another is just the right temperature? Most houses have warmer or colder areas that don’t require the same amount of cooling as others, depending on their exposure to sun or level of activity. 

It’s a waste of money to cool all parts of a house equally. Zoning helps to solve this problem by detecting which room needs the cool air and which rooms don’t, created a balanced and comfortable environment.

H.H. Hovey’s expert zoning system services will help you save significant costs on your energy bills, while giving you convenience and flexibility with programmable thermostats for each zone in your house or business. There is no need to cool rooms that are not being occupied, or that have already been cooled sufficiently.

Our expert air conditioning technicians are certified and licensed; capable of helping you control your comfort with zoning whenever you’re ready.

We provide HVAC zone system services in Winston-Salem and the surrounding area. Call 336-768-2703 now to learn more about this money-saving service.

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