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Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

On Your Own or with Hovey’s Expert Technicians

As one of the top cooling and heating experts in the Piedmont-Triad area, H.H. Hovey provides expert A/C troubleshooting in the event your system stops working without notice. Our expert technicians are highly knowledgeable and familiar with most makes and models; we are committed to implementing the most effective methods for troubleshooting techniques and solving your AC problems with efficiency and professionalism.

We offer 24-hour, 7-days a week emergency service, and will respond to any emergency no matter the time or circumstance. Troubleshooting is an imperative part of the comprehensive service we provide. 

Here are the most common air conditioning problems and suggestions for fixing them, in the event that you feel your problem does not require immediate professional assessment:

Problem: A/C Cuts Off Unexpectedly

• Turn off the A/C unit and look for debris in the evaporator coil.
• Make sure that there is nothing blocking the fan.
• Check the air filter; if dirty or clogged, clear out debris and clean or change filter.

Problem: Water Damage

• Check the drain hose or pipe to see if there is a blockage or a kink.
• If the hose or pipe is blocked or kinked, remove debris and clear the line.
• Check the drain for holes.

Problem A/C Unit Won’t Turn On

• Check your home’s electrical breaker and make sure it’s still on.
• Check the compressor to verify that it’s still on.
• Check the panel next to the compressor to see if it has shut down; it may need to be reset.

Problem: Air Conditioner Unit is Not Blowing Cool Air

• Turn the A/C unit off and check the unit condenser coil; it should be clean for optimum efficiency.
• Check for debris that may be clogging the feed line and affecting the system.
• Check the outside unit condenser cover for debris and remove it on and around the unit.

Problem: Central Air Unit Is Leaking

• Inspect condensate pump for leaks in the hose line.
• Check that the condensate pump is secure in the outlet.
• Check the filter to see if it is dirty and clean it if needed.

If you have completed these basic A/C troubleshooting tips and are still experiencing difficulty with your system, call the H.H. Hovey expert technicians who will be glad to help you isolate and eliminate the source of the problem.

Call 336-768-2703 now for H.H. Hovey’s prompt, professional service.

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