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Energy & Money Saving Offers

Bryant Rebates*

You can receive a rebate ranging from $25 up to $1,350 when you purchase a complete Bryant heating and cooling system that qualifies for the Bryant Bonus. Products qualify for varying rebate amounts. Bryant Bonus consists of pre-determined promotional time periods and products must be purchased within those periods to qualify.*

Natural Gas Appliance Rebates

Residential customers in North Carolina who replace existing natural gas equipment with qualifying high-efficiency natural gas equipment are eligible for up to a $225 rebate. This includes the following qualifying high-efficiency gas water heaters and furnaces.

Duke Energy Rebates

Receive $200 incentive for installing a qualifying heat pump or central air conditioner!

Earn cash incentives by installing qualifying high efficiency heating or cooling equipment in your new or existing home.

Carrier Rebates*

Receive instant rebates on our most energy efficient equipment!*

Click here to learn more about which systems qualify and their corresponding rates.

*All rebates are seasonal. Please check with the H.H. Hovey staff on all available rebates.

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