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What’s the Big Deal About Heating and Air Conditioning? Find Out.

Why is heating and air conditioning so important?

2 Ideas You Can Steal From Smart Heating and Cooling
In the not-so-distant past, heating and air conditioning were a luxury, and not very many people had an HVAC system in their homes. Today, there are fewer homes without air conditioning than there are with it. Heating and air conditioning are two things we almost take for granted.

But what if we suddenly had to live without them? What’s really the big deal about heating and air conditioning?

Comfort is the Key to Our Happiness

That may be a little dramatic, but it’s still true. Imagine a hot, humid, Southern summer without air conditioning. Or even a blustery mid-winter day without heat. The truth is that we’ve become accustomed to having the indoor environment in our homes regulated with a temperature that makes us the most comfortable, with both heating and air conditioning. In both cases, we have heating and air conditioning systems that work to make our indoor air warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer to keep us comfortable.

Health and Wellness Can be Improved

Not only does heating and air conditioning help make us more comfortable, it can also keep us healthier. Air filtration in our heating and air conditioning helps to clean and filter our air as it circulates throughout our homes. This filtration works to remove bacteria, microorganisms, dust and dust mites, pollen, and other air pollutants that would otherwise settle in our homes and compromise our indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality takes its toll on our health, since it can contribute to allergy symptoms, respiratory issues, and even asthma.

Heating and air conditioning is important to our comfort and our health. Don’t dismiss what it means in your life. To find the right system for your home, call H.H. Hovey today: (336) 768-2703.

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