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The Rookie’s Guide to Heat and Cooling Emergency Repair

What you need to know if you’ve never called for heat and cooling emergency repair.

The Rookie's Guide to Heat and Cooling Emergency Repair

Calling for heat and cooling emergency repair is never fun. But if it’s the sweltering months of summer and your air conditioner goes out, it’s the only option. But can it be avoided? Here’s a guide to some of the primary reasons for heat and cooling emergency repair.


Extreme temperatures can overload your air conditioner. When it’s hot during the day and night, it’s hard for your heat and cooling system to keep up, and it can overheat and shut down. When the temperatures are high, you’re not the only one calling in for emergency repair.

Taxing the System

Your heat and cooling system works best when the temperature is set consistently. If the thermostat is turned way up or way down regularly it strains the system, it can’t keep up. Alternately if the heat and cooling system is turned off and on, it can also tax the system. When the HVAC unit is constantly changing and trying to keep up, mechanical parts can wear out and can be the reason for your emergency repair call.

Lack of Maintenance

Preventative maintenance plans help keep your heat and cooling unit running smoothly and efficiently. Without regular maintenance, parts can wear out or break and things can go wrong without notice, leading to emergency repair.

With any luck, you will never have to call for emergency heat and cooling repair. But if you’re like most people, it could happen at some point, and when it does you can trust H.H. Hovey to answer the call. (336) 768-2703

Want to look at a preventative maintenance plan? H.H. Hovey can help you there too. Contact us today for a comprehensive plan to keep your heat and cooling in tip top shape.

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