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Can a Maintenance Agreement Really Save Me Money

Learn the cost savings of a maintenance agreement to decide whether it is worth it.

Homeowners saving with HVAC scheduled maintenance

Maintenance agreements are a benefit for many reasons, but can they really save you money? The answer is YES- in fact, these agreements are designed to provide preventive service that will save you money over time. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of maintenance agreements, including how they can save you money:

Keep Your Cool

Spring has sprung and with it comes warmer weather. One thing you don’t want to see this time of year is a broken down cooling system. The best way to keep your system running in the summer heat is with regular attention.

Neglecting your HVAC can mean small issues might not be caught and repaired before they become big problems. Making sure all of the parts are in working order will ensure your home stays cool as the weather heats up.

Keep Your AC Long-Term

No one wants to buy a new HVAC system unnecessarily. Keeping your heating and air conditioning system running in top condition will help give it a longer life. Just like maintaining your car will help it run better, longer the same holds true with HVAC maintenance.

Keep Your Costs Down

Not only will regular maintenance with the right plan help you keep your system running longer and more reliably, it will help you keep your costs down.

First, it can help your system run more efficiently. When everything is running the way it should, your system will operate at its most energy efficient, which will help reduce your utility bills.

Second, it can cut down on costly repairs you could be facing if your system breaks down unexpectedly. Typically the unexpected repairs are a result of an issue that could have been found and repaired with a regular maintenance visit.

It’s easy to see why regular maintenance is a good idea, especially if you want to save money. Having the right maintenance agreement in place will ensure your system gets the attention it deserves, when it needs it, and before you need costly repairs.

For the right maintenance agreement for your home and your air conditioning system, call our friendly, professional team at H.H. Hovey at 336-768-2703.

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