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Best Temperatures to Keep Your Thermostat in the Fall


Better energy efficiency is just one setting change away.

Improving your energy efficiency is one of the best ways to save money, and your thermostat is a great place to begin. If you aren’t careful, your HVAC system could inflate your utility bills over time, especially if the temperature hasn’t been set correctly.

Read on for a look at how you can save this fall by making some easy adjustments to your home’s thermostat.

How Should I Set Thermostats in Autumn for Best Efficiency?

The settings you choose for your thermostat don’t just decide how cool or warm your home is. They also determine how expensive your heating and air conditioning bills will be for that month. Inefficient settings can be a heavy drain on the finances.

The closer your setting is to 69 degrees in the winter and fall seasons, the lighter the load on your HVAC. And if the interior of your home feels a bit too cool, you can always use a blanket or an added clothing layer to offset the temperature.

What are Ideal Energy Settings for Other Scenarios?

Even if aiming for 69 degrees is a good rule of thumb, other cases could call for alternative temperature settings. For infants, the approximate temperature range for a baby is between 65 and 74 degrees. With that said, you’ll want to adjust based on how your child is feeling.

You can also bump the temperature down to 66 at night. Most people get a better night’s sleep in a cooler house. This not only combats insomnia but also sheds some additional weight from your bills.

To get more insights into increased energy efficiency, or to schedule a service call, visit H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling today.

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