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Advanced Guide to Protecting Your HVAC System in the Summer

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Protecting your HVAC system in the summer can save you a lot of headaches down the road. There are some simple and effective steps you can take make sure your AC keeps humming along. Take a look.

Preparing for Storms

The south is no stranger to crazy summer storms. These storms can impact your HVAC system and put it in harm’s way. The first step is to turn off your AC when there is a severe thunderstorm. Shutting it down can prevent a power surge from a lightning strike. Second, it’s important to make sure it’s safe from flooding. An outdoor unit should sit on a raised surface, so it’s above the water should there be a lot of rain.

Preventing Breakdowns

One of the best ways to protect your HVAC system in the summer is by preparing it ahead of time. Spring maintenance can keep your system running right and prevent issues that could lead to a breakdown. Most importantly, spring maintenance allows your HVAC technician to identify and repair any small issues before they become costly problems. With attention to the calibration, safety, function, and the condition of your equipment plus cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting all of the components, you can rest easy knowing your system is ready for summer cooling.

No one wants to spend any part of the hot summer days without air conditioning. The best way to ensure you won’t have to is by protecting your HVAC system before there are any issues. The team at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling, Inc., can help you make sure your AC is ready to go and protected so it can keep you cool all summer. Contact their staff today to schedule a preventative maintenance service call.

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