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5 Tips to Keep your She-Shed Cool in the Summer

5 Tips to Keep your She-Shed Cool in the Summer

Energy efficiency is more important than ever, and that goes for your she-shed as well as your house. If your she-shed is getting too hot for comfort, you don’t have to just sweat it out. Here are five tips to keep it cool in the summer while using a minimum amount of energy to do so.

1. Don’t Skip Windows

This seems like a no-brainer. Who would want a windowless she-shed? The key is installing windows that open. Install screens and let the cross-breeze help cool the space.

2. Install Roof Vents

Heat rises, so roof vents can help cool off the inside of your shed. Keep them open in the summer to let hot air out.

3. Include Insulation

Some she-sheds are simple and chic, while some are almost like a second home. Whatever design you choose, insulate the building if you can. It can help keep the inside temperature consistent at any time of year.

4. Put in a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan will help circulate air and cool the shed. Run it in a counterclockwise direction in the summer so that the fan blows air down to make the room feel cooler.

5. Install a Cooling System

There are many options when it comes to air conditioning units. You don’t need a big, expensive unit for a small space. You can opt for a split system or a portable AC unit instead. It can make a huge difference in the comfort level when it’s hot out.

She-sheds are the female answer to the man cave. If you have one in your home or yard, make it as luxurious and comfortable as you can, including keeping it cool in the summer. You can have a comfortable space all your own, without cranking up the monthly energy bills. For more solutions to keep your she-shed cool this summer, while also striving for energy efficiency, reach out to the HVAC pros at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling, Inc.

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