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4 Headaches You Can Avoid Simply by Selecting the Right Commercial HVAC Contractor


Commercial services should be left to the pros.

There’s a reason HVAC companies offer commercial services. The needs of your system go beyond that of residential heating and cooling equipment. Chances are, your maintenance crew won’t understand how to best take care of it or prevent common problems that can put your business at risk. Just during installation, the right moves go a long way in preventing problems.

four common mistakes:

  1. Your unit is too small. Improper sizing leads to a whole lot of problems. Your property won’t be comfortable, negating your investment. Beyond that, though, you’ll use too much energy, and your equipment will wear out faster than normal.
  2. Your unit is too big. Getting more power than you need might work when you’re considering other types of equipment. Your heating and cooling units will suffer if you order up. Instead of keeping your building comfortable, you’ll have a unit that cycles constantly on and off, leading to excess wear and wasted energy.
  3. Your unit doesn’t offer necessary features. Today’s heating and cooling systems are focused more on climate control than just changing the temperature. Commercial units deal with venting, humidity control, air filtering, automation and other advanced features. Make sure you know what’s available so your investment goes as far as possible.
  4. Your unit wasn’t installed correctly. Even if you pick the perfect brand and model for your needs, mistakes during installation will cause chronic problems. Gaps in the ductwork, improperly connected electronics, blocked outlets, compromised drain pans and other challenges will lead to a never-ending list of problems. Unfortunately, a commercial system is not a residential system and has different needs during set-up. Hire an expert to make sure it gets done right!

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