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3 Freaky Allergens That Surface in Your Home in April

3 Freaky Allergens That Surface in Your Home in April

How’s your indoor air quality? If you have allergies, you could be suffering, even when you’re in your house. Take a look at three allergens that could surface in your home in April.

#1: Pollen

Pollen season in the south is usually from February through April. We’ve all seen that yellow dust that seems to coat every surface. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you probably cringe at the thought. Make sure you change your clothes when you’ve been outside, brush any pollen off pets before they come indoors, and close your windows to try to keep most of the pollen outside. Another remedy is installing an air filtration system to remove the pollen from the air before you can suffer from it.

#2: Mold

In the humid environment we live in, we can expect some mold. But if you suffer from mold allergies, the spring is the worst of it. A dehumidifier working with your HVAC system can help reduce the humidity in your home and cut down on the presence of mold.

#3: Dust Mites

Probably the freakiest allergens we find in our homes in the spring are dust mites. In addition to washing your linens and towels frequently and doing thorough house cleaning, the best way to prevent dust mite allergies is with good HVAC air filters and a quality air filtration system.

Since you can’t escape from allergens entirely, it’s vital that you protect the air in your home. With the right air filtration equipment and some guidance from your reliable HVAC professionals, you can leave your allergy symptoms at the door when you get home. Contact H.H. Hovey Heating and Air, Inc., for the right tools to improve your indoor air quality and give you relief from allergens this spring.

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