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3 Effective Ways to Setup Your Smart Thermostat

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Setting up your smart thermostat the right way is really important if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. But it can be intimidating if you’re not used to the functionality. We’re here to help! Take a look at three effective ways to set up your smart thermostat.

#1: Set Up the Away and Home Function

Most smart thermostats can tell when you’re home and when you’re not. When no one is home, they will activate energy efficiency modes to provide less heat or cool when no one is home. One way to do this is to link it to your smartphone’s location. When it senses your phone is in the house, it assumes you are too. When the phone is not in the house, it will kick into eco-mode.

#2: Voice Control

Both the Amazon Echo and the Nest thermostats have voice control. This is a great option to have for convenience and hands-free operation. The voice control connects to your smart home device, such as an Alexa, to change any of the programming on your smart thermostat.

#3: Use Separate Sensors

If your smart thermostat has the option, be sure to set up separate sensors throughout your house. Because rooms tend to be different temperatures, separate sensors allow you to program your smart thermostat to adjust to fit your whole house.

It’s important to get the right features set up properly from the start to take advantage of a smart thermostat. If it all sounds a little confusing, never fear. The HVAC professionals at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling, Inc., have got you covered. They can get you the right thermostat for your needs, and help you set it up.

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