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3 Benefits of Spring Maintenance Visits


Why HVAC maintenance agreements and springtime go hand in hand.

It’s spring, and if you don’t have an HVAC maintenance agreement, it’s time to get on board to sign up. Why? Because there are so many benefits to spring maintenance visits. Here are just three of them:

Benefit #1: Reduce the Chance of Breakdowns

No one wants to be in a sweltering house on a blistering day when the air conditioning goes out. This is especially true if it happens at night or on the weekend, when emergency repair is then necessary. Spring maintenance for your AC can help reduce the chance for breakdowns by cleaning, inspecting, calibrating, and lubricating the system so it runs at peak performance, avoiding issues from wear and tear or neglected service.

Benefit #2: Equipment Longevity

You don’t want to have to buy a new air conditioning system very often. The best way to keep the system running stronger and longer is with regular maintenance. When the unit is running right, it won’t have to work overtime to do the same job, putting extra wear on the parts and shortening the life of the unit.

Benefit #3: Relying on That Maintenance Agreement

When you have a maintenance agreement in place, you will automatically be able to take advantage of spring maintenance visits to get you ready for summer, but also fall maintenance before winter heating season. The maintenance plan makes it easy to schedule both of those visits, to stay ahead of the game with your heating and cooling TLC, and to avoid costly repairs due to lack of service.

To take advantage of maintenance agreements so you can benefit from a spring service visit, contact our team at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling by calling 336-768-2703, or connect with us online now.

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