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2 Problems with Separate Heating and Air Conditioners and How to Fix Them

How can a packaged system solve your heating and air conditioner problems?

2 Problems with Separate Heating and Air Conditioners and How to Fix ThemThere are enough heating and air conditioners on the market to make your head spin! So how do you decide which is the right one for your home? Let’s take a look at two common problems with separate heating and air conditioners and how you can fix them with a packaged system.

1.Two Systems Takes Up Twice the Space

Individual heating and air conditioner units take up more space. Not only that, they may not work effectively and efficiently for your home if they aren’t sized properly. Overly large heating and air conditioners might not run long enough to heat your home in the winter or to get rid of the humidity in your home in the summer.

Packaged units are designed to heat and cool multiple rooms and large spaces and will be sized with the heating and air conditioning in a matched set for the size of your home.

2.Separate Systems Can be Mismatched to Your Home’s Power Needs

The amount of power in your heating and air conditioning makes a huge difference in whether or not it’s effective and efficient. If it’s not powerful enough, it won’t heat or cool your whole house, it will run longer than it needs to in an attempt to keep up, and it will cost you more in energy use.

Packaged units are high powered and are designed for heating and air conditioning multiple rooms in a home and are energy efficient.

Packaged systems are a great choice when you’re looking at heating and air conditioning options for your home. They’re powerful, energy efficient, and they save space because both units are combined in one cabinet.

What more could you ask for to solve your heating and air conditioning problems? Have H.H. Hovey come out and give you an estimate for your packaged heating and air conditioning system.

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