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Humidifiers & De-Humidifiers

H.H. Hovey: Working to Keep Humidity Levels under Control for NC Homes and Businesses

North Carolina is notorious for intense levels of humidity, which can create poor air quality and affect comfort levels inside residential and commercial spaces. H.H. Hovey is qualified to assess indoor spaces for harmful levels of humidity and then implement counteractive measures with efficient cooling systems. 

Our goal is to make your indoor environments as safe and comfortable as possible. We offer humidity control services as an important aspect of our business, providing humidifiers and dehumidifiers to balance uneven moisture levels.

Healthy humidity levels not only make residents more comfortable, but they can also achieve effective energy savings and better air quality. The degree of humidity control your home or business requires will depend on several factors, chief among them being the climate you live in. Another important factor to consider is the home or business interior design and layout. H.H. Hovey can help you to maximize humidity control to get the best results.

Let H.H. Hovey Analyze Your Unique Situation to Optimize Humidity Control

Depending on your professional diagnosis, humidity levels may need to be increased or decreased. If these levels are imbalanced in your home, it can actually cause significant structural damage. Humidity levels above sixty percent can be a breeding ground for mildew and mold—a serious problem that no homeowner or business owner wishes to face.

A ventilation system is the best plan of action, but dehumidifiers also help to bring balance to an overly moist interior space. Our humidity experts can help you analyze your specific situation and determine the best course of action to get the humidity levels balanced in your home. From exhaust fans to proper bathroom ventilation, you can prevent the growth of harmful spores and keep your home fresh with clean, safe air.

H.H. Hovey Develops Customized Solutions for Humidity Control

Each home and business environment is different. Our team takes each element into account when we devise a personalized approach for each customer. Our experts will identify the sources of humidity problems and then come up with innovative solutions that incorporate cutting edge industry techniques. From a well-maintained air conditioning unit to a powerful dehumidifier that assists with allergies, asthma, dust mites and more, we will ensure the air in your home or office is comfortable and safe for everyone.

Contact our humidity control experts today and learn more about these services. We are ready to help you solve any humidity problems and achieve a fresh, comfortable indoor environment.

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