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Heating System Troubleshooting

Insider Tips for Common Heating Problems

As one of the top cooling and heating competitors in the Piedmont-Triad area, the expert team at H.H. Hovey provides industry level heating system troubleshooting in the event your HVAC system is unexpectedly compromised. Our technicians are up to date on cutting edge techniques in all HVAC makes and models; we use the most effective methods for troubleshooting when your heating system problems escalate. 

We understand that these unexpected issues might arise at inconvenient times and offer 24-hour, 7-days a week emergency service. However, if you want to examine the problem yourself, here are some insider tips for dealing with the most common heating system problems.

Problem: Furnace Isn’t Heating the House Effectively

• If the air filter isn’t clean, you might need to replace or thoroughly clean it.

Problem: Furnace Won’t Produce Hot Air

• Check the setting on the thermostat.
• Check to make sure the power to the breaker is on and that the fuses haven’t been blown.
• Check that the valve is open if your system runs on natural gas.
• Double check that the pilot light is lit.

Problem: Gas Furnace Shuts Off Too Often

• Clean or replace the air filter if it looks dirty.
• Oil the blower motor lubrications ports—typically at the ends of the shaft—with light-weight oil.
• Check the tension in the belt—it may need to be tightened to operate efficiently.
• Check the condition of the belt—if it is torn or weak, you should replace it.

Problem: Furnace Blower Runs Constantly

• Check the thermostat—there is a setting for the fan to blow and you may need to switch it off.
• Check the fan control switch—it might be faulty and need replacement or recalibration.

Problem: Furnace is Loud

• Identify the type of noise. Is it a low-pitched squeal? The gas burners may need to be cleaned and the pilot light could need adjustment. Is it a high-pitched squeal? The belt to the blower might be slipping, or the motor/shaft bearings may need to be lubricated.

Once you have eliminated these simple heating troubleshooting options, if you are still having problems, call the H.H. Hovey expert technicians. We will dispatch a team immediately to identify and fix whatever is causing the problem.

Call 336-768-2703 now and we will get your heating system running properly again as soon as we can.

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