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Zoning: How Smart Can Your HVAC Get?

How does zoning really work?

Zoning: How Smart Can Your HVAC Get?Everyone loves something that makes their life easier. Zoning is a smart way to maximize your home’s heating and cooling. It’s something you’ll love – especially once you understand what it is capable of doing. Here is an explanation of how zoning works and some simple ways to make the most of it. 

How Smart is Zoning?

Zoning is pretty smart. It consists of multiple thermostats set up on a forced-air HVAC system within your home that are all connected to a control panel. That control panel controls various dampers that are installed within the ductwork. The dampers open or close based on the temperature needs in that specific area of your home.

In other words, zoning creates “zones” in your home that can each be separately cooled or heated. Because each zone comes with its own thermostat, you can customize the temperature in different zones within your home to create the most ideal environment for your personal comfort level.

Ok, But How Do You Use It?

Think about those hot summer days when the sun shines in one room more than another, or onto one particular side of your house late in the afternoon and creates an oven-like atmosphere. Not good.

Zoning allows you to send more cool air to the hotter parts of your house and less to the part that stays cooler, like the basement and rooms that are shaded or have less sun exposure. It’s the same in the winter. If there are rooms that are used less often and need less heat, zoning allows you to concentrate the heat on the most used areas of the home. This keeps the unused zone cooler, saving you energy and money.

Zoning is a cool way to make your heating and cooling smarter and help keep everyone more comfortable, all the while saving on your energy bills.

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