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Why Should I Replace My Building’s HVAC Unit If It’s Still Working?

Here’s what you should know about commercial services if you are considering changes to your building’s HVAC.

Replacing HVAC unit

If you own a building or business, you’re familiar with commercial services, but do you know what you need to know about commercial services for HVAC? A common concern with commercial HVAC is knowing when it’s time to replace it, especially if it’s still working. But there are ways to tell when it’s time for an upgrade. For starters, ask yourself these questions:

How Old Is the Unit?

Is your building’s heat pump or air conditioning unit more than 10 years old, or do you have a furnace or boiler that is older than 15 years? If the answer is yes, it could be time to replace it. A higher efficiency unit can save up to 20% on the cost of heating and cooling your building.

Are You Spending Money on Repairs?

How frequently does your HVAC need repair? If it seems to be happening more and more, it could be that your system is either not the right fit for your building size or the unit has exceeded its life expectancy. You could save money and spend less time worrying about issues with a new unit.

Do You Have Humidity Issues?

If you feel like the interior of your building is too dry in the winter and too humid in the summer, it is the sign of poorly functioning equipment, improper ducting, or both. With proper installation, a new unit will regulate humidity levels throughout the interior space for consistent temperatures and comfort levels.

It’s not easy to decide on an investment as substantial as new HVAC equipment for a business or building, but the tips above and the advice of a professional commercial services contractor can help guide you to make the right choice. For equipment options as well as a free estimate for commercial services, contact H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling by calling 336-768-2703.

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