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Why Is My HVAC Unit Making a Rattling Sound?

Reasons your heating and air conditioning unit might be making a rattling sound.

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When your heating and air conditioning unit works well, you hardly know it’s there. It does its job well by keeping you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter. However, if it starts making a rattling sound, then you know it’s time to call a professional repair service. What starts out today as a small rattle can get worse and cause damage to your system.

Here are some common causes of rattling sounds in an HVAC unit:

Got a Screw Loose?

One of the causes of the rattling could be as simple as a loose panel on the unit. If the screws attaching the panel to the condenser or evaporator have worked themselves loose, they only need to be tightened.

Dirt Doing You In?

Sometimes the area around the air conditioner unit sucks in dirt, leaves, gravel, or sticks, and you hear them being knocked around. This can do serious damage to the inner components so it warrants immediate attention. If the unit’s air filters have become clogged, change them before they damage your air conditioning and heating unit.

Your Fan Isn’t Feeling Fantastic?

There’s also the possibility of a fan that is not aligned properly. If so, the fan could be hitting against the casing. This could be due to a poor initial installation or debris that has been sucked into the unit. In either case, the rattling will become worse until the fan stops working altogether.

Maybe It’s the Motor?

A more serious fix might be a broken motor. If the motor isn’t properly functioning, the parts inside of the unit can be knocked out of place and begin to rattle.

Whatever the cause, professional maintenance can solve the problem before it develops into something worse. If your heating and air conditioning equipment has started making strange noises, you should contact H.H. Hovey to get help.

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