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Why Is My Furnace So Loud?


What’s that sound coming from your gas furnace?

Gas furnaces are awesome, but not so much when they’re making noises. Why is your furnace so loud? Read on for some info that you could use now.

Loud Bangs

If your burners are dirty, it could cause a delay in the ignition of the burners. When this happens, the gas builds up and then causes a loud bang when they do ignite. The bad part is that if the problem isn’t fixed it could lead to a crack in the heat exchanger.

Whistling Noises

This can happen with any duct system. The whistling occurs when there are gaps in the ducts and air blows over them, causing a whistling noise. Even if there are just tiny holes in any of the ducting material, air can get sucked through them and create that pesky sound.

Loud Air

When your furnace is working too hard, it can create the sound of loud air or loud motor noises. This often happens when the air filter is dirty or clogged and the furnace can’t properly pull air in through the dirt and debris of the dirty filter. Cleaning the filter is an easy way to fix this noise.

Rattling Sounds

This could be another ductwork issue. When the ducts are loose or there is hardware that has loosened, it can create a rattling sound when the air blows through the ducts and out into the rooms of your home.

Instead of living with a loud furnace, it’s easy to have it evaluated and fixed by a good HVAC technician. For any issues or service for your gas furnace, contact the pros at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling.

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