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Why Doesn’t My Heating System Heat the House Enough?

Is your heating and air conditioning system letting you down?

Heating System

Your heating and air conditioning system is one of the largest investments in your home, and is also one of the most important. Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer is a big job, and one that most homeowners often take for granted. But what if your heating system doesn’t seem to be heating your house enough? What do you do? Here are some potential reasons for insufficient heat, and some possible solutions:

External Reasons for Not Enough Heat

One of the most common reasons for inconsistent heat in your home during the winter is a lack of indoor humidity. Humid air is easier to heat, humidity helps warm air stay warm, and it also helps keep the air in your home at a consistent temperature without taxing your furnace to try to keep up with demand. Adding a humidifier can make a huge difference in the way your heating system works.

Another reason for lack of heat is heat loss. If your home is drafty or not properly insulated, you could be letting in a lot of cold air, and letting out a lot of heat. Sealing doors and windows and adding insulation where needed can change your house from cool to cozy.

Internal Reasons for Not Enough Heat

Your house could be insulated to within an inch of its life and you could still have heat issues. There is some easy heating and air conditioning troubleshooting you can do before calling for service. Here is a list of some common problems and easy checks you can do yourself to try to solve them:

Problem: Not enough warm air coming out.

Troubleshoot: Check the filter. If the filter is clogged it will block the airflow.

Problem: No warm air.

Troubleshoot: Check the thermostat to be sure it’s set correctly. Check to make sure the pilot light is on. Check the power to the breaker, and check for blown fuses.

Problem: Furnace turns on and off frequently.

Troubleshoot: Check the filter and clean or replace it. Check the condition and the tension of the belt. Check the blower motor for proper lubrication.

Problem: Blower runs constantly.

Troubleshoot: Check the thermostat for a fan control switch to see if it’s in the “on” position.

If your house just doesn’t seem warm enough this winter, don’t bundle up and suffer through a teeth-chattering few months. There are many reasons your system could be working ineffectively, so go to the pros to get to the bottom of the problem.

For more heating troubleshooting tips for your heating and air conditioning system check out our Heating & Cooling tips page. Then give us a call at (336) 768-2703 if you need help.

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