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Why Are Some Rooms of My House Noticeably Warmer or Cooler?

Using Energy Efficiency to Balance Out the Temperature in Your Residence

Indoor temperature is too low

You might have a problem with different areas of your home or office being either too cool or too warm, but you can use energy efficiency techniques to correct these problems.

Why the Hot/Cold Spots?

The problem could be as simple as needing to re-balance the amount of air flowing within your home. Your air conditioner or furnace relies on forced air being drawn through your ductwork. Once arriving at the air conditioner or furnace, the air is either heated or cooled and then blown back into the separate rooms through a different set of ducts. It makes no difference if your unit is made by Bryant or a different manufacturer, because if the air is not properly balanced, some rooms will be comfortable and others won’t. Balancing the airflow not only maintains the desired temperature, but it will result in reduced utility bills through more efficient operation.

Balancing Room Temperature

Since the air goes in and out of the ductwork, the first place you need to check is within your vents. Take a damp cloth and clean all visible lint or dust that has gotten stuck. Then check around the area to be sure that nothing is standing in the way of the airflow. This could be draperies, stacks of magazines, or even a piece of furniture. Then check to be sure that all of the registers are open. When they are open, they are able to release the cool or warm air.

DON’T Close Vents!

Don’t go around the house closing air vents to try to change the temperatures of each room. Closing some of the air vents throughout the house interferes with the air balance. Check the ductwork and if you find any section that seems to be damaged.

If you discover any issues with your duct work, or you’re unable to correct the hot and cold spots in your house with these simple fixes, H.H. Hovey can help.

Not only can we help make your home more comfortable, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits that come from increase energy efficiency as well. Contact us or give us a call at 336-768-2703.

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