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Why Are My Air Vents So Noisy?

Here’s how to determine if noisy air vents mean trouble for your heating and air conditioning system.

Noisy Air Vents

For most of us, the heating and air conditioning system can by a bit of a mystery. It’s great when nothing is wrong, but if you notice something out of the ordinary, it’s easy to stand around and scratch your head, wondering what it could be. Some things might be obvious, like temperature settings, but what about noisy vents? There are some common reasons your vents could be pushing the decibel limit.

How Much Noise Is Too Much Noise?

Most air vents will make some noise simply because air is passing through them. However, the more vents you have in a home, the less noise they will make because the air is being diffused across the system. If you hear more than just the air passing through the vents and the ducts, it might be cause for concern.

What about a High-Pitched Sound?

A high-pitched sound can mean that there isn’t as much return airflow as there should be. When this happens, it makes the system work harder because there isn’t the right pressure balance and your HVAC can’t move air effectively through the system and through your home.

Try cleaning your air filter or moving furniture away from the vents. If this doesn’t help, a technician might be needed to assess the situation and figure out the cause.

Rattle and Thump?

If you hear rattles or thumps or other types of noises coming from your vents it could be either faulty ductwork or some type of debris in the ducts themselves. A technician can evaluate the ductwork for damage or debris.

Noisy vents are not something you should just have to put up with. There might be simple solutions to the issue, but if you’ve done some troubleshooting and the noise persists, take the time to call in a professional to get it repaired.

If extra noisy vents in your heating and air conditioning system are causing concern, our professional team at H.H. Hovey is here to help. Schedule friendly, professional heating and air conditioning service today.

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