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Why Adding a Dehumidifier Could Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Summer

What do humidity and energy efficiency have in common?

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Energy efficiency is more important than ever, that’s no surprise. What might surprise you is how humidity and energy efficiency are related, and how they both can affect your indoor air quality. Here’s what a dehumidifier can do to impact all three:

Humidity and Your Indoor Air

Summer is hot and summer is humid. Going indoors where there’s air conditioning doesn’t always give you the relief you’re looking for. The relative humidity in your home has a lot to do with how your indoor air feels and how comfortable your home is in the summer.

Humid air holds heat more effectively than drier air in addition to making the air feel warmer. In the winter that’s a good thing, but in the summer it makes your air conditioning system work overtime to try to make the air feel cool and your house feel comfortable. Reducing the humidity levels in your home with a dehumidifier can help your air conditioner work more effectively and make your house feel cooler and more comfortable.

Humidity and Energy Efficiency

When humidity levels are higher and your air conditioner is working harder to make your house feel cool and comfortable, you’re using more energy in the process. One way to increase your energy efficiency and the efficiency of your air conditioning system is to incorporate a dehumidifier to pull the extra moisture from the air. When there’s less moisture, the humidity level drops and your HVAC system can work less which will save energy, and which will save you money on utility bills.

Humidity and Air Quality

Extra humidity in your home in the summer does more than just make your house feel muggy and uncomfortable; it can also affect your indoor air quality. Humid air holds pollutants more than drier air, including mold and mildew, allergens, pollens, bacteria, and viruses.

You may not notice it right away, but over time you can feel the effects of compromised indoor air quality. Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, headaches, irritated eyes, and even coughing and wheezing can be symptoms you could be feeling from poor air quality in your home. Much of this can be alleviated with a dehumidifier, which will bring the humidity levels in your home down to comfortable, safe, and healthy levels.

Energy efficiency and air quality are two things that are important to you and one common denominator that can affect both is humidity. For the best dehumidifier system to make your home more comfortable while increasing energy efficiency, contact H.H. Hovey by calling 336-768-2703 or by clicking here.

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