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What Will the Technician Inspect During an HVAC Maintenance Visit?


Have you scheduled your spring HVAC maintenance? Your heating and cooling system needs service twice a year to keep it running the way it should. If you feel like you’re out of the loop, never fear. Here’s what you need to know:

What Does an HVAC Tech Inspect During Maintenance?

It’s good to stay informed when it comes to your home and the systems that keep it comfortable, and that includes your HVAC system. With that in mind, it’s good to know what a tech is going to be doing when they show up to service your heating and cooling system.

The spring HVAC maintenance checklist includes:

  • Check the blower motor
  • Test and calibrate the thermostat
  • Clean or change the air filter
  • Inspect and lubricate the bearing
  • Inspect the condenser coil
  • Flush and clean the condensate drain
  • Check and adjust refrigerant levels
  • Test capacitors
  • Inspect duct work

The fall HVAC maintenance checklist includes:

  • Inspect and test the blower
  • Check the airflow
  • Test electrical connections
  • Ensure safety switches are functioning properly
  • Check the heat exchanger
  • Inspect the ducts and venting
  • Change the air filters
  • Test and calibrate thermostat
  • Test exhaust system
  • Lubricate moving motor parts

What Are the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance?

Now that you know what HVAC maintenance is, let’s take a look at why it’s important. Just as you properly maintain your car, it’s important to maintain your furnace and air conditioner to keep it running the way it should. Not only will regular maintenance keep it running smoothly, but a good tech can catch and fix any small problems before they become costly issues. Maintenance will also make your system more efficient. An HVAC system that runs as it should uses less energy to keep your home comfortable.

Don’t just set it and forget it when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. For the right HVAC maintenance plan for your home, contact the pros at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling.

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