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What Kind of Thermostat Is Best For a Commercial Building?

Top Advice from a Commercial Services Pro

Commercial Thermostats for HVAC

One of the toughest challenges for any commercial or retail building owner is keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter – and that’s why so many businesses in the Winston Salem area trust H.H. Hovey Heating & Cooling for commercial services. Not only can we keep your commercial space comfortable, we’ll also give you money-saving advice on which equipment will work best for your space, including which thermostat you should install.

Why Bother with a Thermostat?

Anyone working with government buildings, rental properties, stores, offices, schools, or churches knows the importance of choosing a thermostat that is both easy to use and energy efficient at the same time. The factors that determine which type of commercial thermostat to go with include the structure’s size, how many buildings are involved, the geographic location, and what type of HVAC equipment, such as Bryant, is being used as well as how old it is. From this data, we can help you determine whether a programmable thermostat is the best option, or if you need a custom ordered multi-functional system.

Could a Residential Programmable Thermostat Work?

For single zone small commercial buildings, a residential programmable thermostat may be adequate for your needs. They are usually equipped with such functions as 7-day programming with graphs and charts to be used for conserving energy.

But What If You’ve Got Lots of Square Feet to Heat?

Larger commercial buildings usually require multiple HVAC systems with advanced thermostats that can communicate via the Internet. This offers a higher level of efficiency with more opportunity for energy savings through careful monitoring of the communications and real-time data. In this case, the actual device, which is the thermostat, is able to control the HVAC system even if it becomes disconnected from the Internet.

H.H. Hovey’s commercial services can help any business save money while keeping its space comfortable and safe for employees, customers, and inventory. Give us a call at 336-768-2703 or contact us today.

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