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What Does It Mean to be an H.H. Hovey Preferred Customer?


Find out why preferred customers get the best maintenance agreements.

The maintenance agreement you receive when you are an H.H. Hovey preferred customer is valuable in so many ways. No matter if the weather is scorching hot or freezing cold, you know your system is ready for whatever the weather brings to keep your home comfortable. Being a preferred customer means you can always rely on an H.H. Hovey certified technician to come to your house twice yearly to inspect your system.

Benefits of a Professional Maintenance Agreement

Regular maintenance is one of the critical factors that ensure your system is performing at its optimal capacity and that you get the full life out of your HVAC system. Being a preferred customer allows you to rest easy knowing that an H.H. Hovey team member will take care of your system and you will consistently save money.

Other benefits of being a preferred customer include:

  • Scheduled maintenance for your heating and cooling system
  • Preferred customer status
  • 24-hour emergency response by a certified technician
  • Expert installation and service by factory trained experts
  • Fewer and lower repair costs
  • Efficient running system
  • Extended life of your system
  • Lower utility bills so you save money each month
  • Being a preferred customer can save you time and money, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your system is performing as it should. The H.H. Hovey team will always be available to you as a preferred customer making sure your system is clean and functioning properly. Contact H.H. Hovey today to learn more about our maintenance agreements and what it means to be a preferred customer. Connect with us online now or call (336) 768-2703 to get started.

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