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What Are Some Key Signs You Should Replace a Home Heating System?


Here’s how you can tell if your heating products are keeping up with demand.

Do you need new heating products? Is your heating system keeping up with demand? If you’re wondering how to tell, take a look at some key signs showing you should replace your home heating system sooner rather than later.

Age of the Equipment

One of the best indicators that it’s time to replace your heating system is the age of the equipment itself. Most furnaces last 15 to 20 years. If yours is approaching that benchmark, it’s time to start considering a replacement.

As heating systems age, they become less and less efficient. They’re also more likely to break down, simply from the wear and tear of daily use. And as this happens, it’s likely you’ll have to spend more and more money on repairs to keep them going.

The Size of Your Utility Bills

Are your energy bills growing and growing? You might not notice it month to month, but if you look back over time and you notice that your energy bills are increasing, it could be time for a replacement heating system.

New equipment is so much more efficient than older units. You can save a lot of money on your energy bills over time that it will make up for the cost of the new equipment.

The Comfort Level of Your Home

Do you notice your house isn’t as consistently warm as it used to be? Do you have to bump up the heat more often to keep the house at the temperature that makes you comfortable? If your equipment isn’t keeping up with demand, that’s a sign it could use replacing.

You don’t have to suffer through another winter with an old heating system. Talk to the pros at H.H. Hovey about the right heating products for your home today.

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