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Understanding Split Heating and Cooling Systems

The basics of split heating and cooling systems.

Understanding Split Heating and Cooling Systems

Have a small space that’s too small for an expensive HVAC unit with central air but still want the comfort of a heating and cooling system? You might be the right candidate for a split heating and cooling system.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is a Split Heating and Cooling System?

A split heating and cooling system is one that is a combination of indoor and outdoor units that work together to heat and cool the interior of a home or office. It’s an electric unit that functions together by removing hot air to cool a room or heating incoming air to heat a room.

What are the Benefits?

With a split heating and cooling system, everything gets taken care of in the same place. Not only does a split system air conditioner cool the air but it also offers humidity control and air filtration. Air that is too humid is harder to cool as humidity hangs onto warm air. And air that is circulated without filtration will often contain pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, and dust contaminating your indoor air and affecting your air quality.

Split System Installation

A split system is designed for smaller spaces and can be installed on any wall of your home. They can be installed high or low and on a wall or ceiling. You can technically install a split system heating and cooling systems yourself as a homeowner, but because the process involves electrical work and refrigerant, it is recommended that you trust a professional.

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