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Top 3 Reasons for Heating and Cooling Repair Emergency Calls

The most common reasons for emergency heating and cooling repair

Top 3 Reasons for Heating and Cooling Repair Emergency Calls

It’s the middle of the night and it suddenly feels either too cold or too hot in your house. You realize your HVAC is not working – not a good feeling. Wondering if it’s time to make a call for emergency service to repair your heating or cooling system?

Here are the top 3 reasons for heating and cooling repair emergency calls.


When the thermostat goes out, the whole system goes out. You won’t have any heating or cooling without a functioning thermostat to drive your HVAC system. Though they can often be easily repaired, a broken thermostat will put the brakes on your heating and cooling.


If there is not power to your HVAC system it can often be an easy fix, but it is a common reason for an emergency call to your heating and cooling specialist. Sometimes your system can lose power from something as simple as a blown fuse – and other times, it could be a more complex issue at play.


If the power is on and the thermostat is functioning but there is no airflow, it could be your fan. A broken fan will keep your HVAC system from circulating air for both heating and cooling.

The thermostat, the power, and the fan are the three most common elements that require emergency heating and cooling repair – and when your HVAC is out, you want emergency repair. Don’t get stuck without heat or air in the middle of the night or on a weekend. Call H.H. Hovey now for service. (336) 768-2703

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