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Top 3 Causes of HVAC Problems in the Fall and How to Prevent Them

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Get the lowdown on heating and air conditioning issues before they turn into a breakdown.

When it comes to your heating and air conditioning system, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. All too often, we only pay attention to our HVAC when something isn’t working. But this way of thinking tends to be very expensive, as you’re not able to avoid costly breakdowns and lost efficiency.

If you put thought into prevention, on the other hand, you could save quite a bit. Read on for a look at some common fall HVAC issues, as well as the ways you can avoid them.

1. Dirty AC Filters

The number one cause of HVAC issues is usually a dirty filter. Dirty or clogged air filters hurt your system’s efficiency and force it to work much harder. The extra work can often lead to worn out parts and potential issues. By changing them every one to three months (depending on the level of use), you can make sure you aren’t adding any extra stress.

2. Airborne Allergens in the HVAC System

Ragweed season peaks in the fall, and indoor pollutant levels tend to be considerably higher than outside. And if you have asthma or other breathing issues, indoor allergens can be a big problem. To prevent the invasion of fall particles, be sure to use HEPA rated air filters. These are specifically designed to remove troublesome allergens from your indoor air. And an added bonus is they protect your HVAC system from these pollutants at the same time.

3. Ill-Prepared Heating System

If your heating system isn’t tuned up and prepped for the cooler weather, you could find yourself in a cold house. After spending the summer cooling your house, your HVAC system needs fall service to be sure everything is running as it should be. Any issues that developed at the end of last winter might have gone unnoticed until you turn on the heat when winter shows up.

Although there’s no shortage of issues you can face in the autumn, you only need the right service provider to steer clear of them all. To learn more about seasonal prep for your heating and air conditioning, or to schedule an appointment, contact H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling now.

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