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Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality This Spring


How’s your indoor air quality? You probably assume the air is fine, but indoor air is subject to a multitude of airborne pollutants. Instead of ignoring the subtle signs that your indoor air isn’t what it should be, take a look at some simple tips for improving the air you breathe this spring.

Tip #1: Vacuum Like a Pro

You don’t need an expensive vacuum to remove some pesky pollutants from your home. Many of the things that affect your health and the air you breathe are hiding deep down in the fiber of your carpet. Frequent vacuuming will help prevent the most common allergens from becoming airborne.

Tip #2: Change Your Air Filter

The air filter on your HVAC system should keep dirt, dust, debris and pollutants from entering and damaging your heating and cooling systems, but it also helps keep those same things from circulating through the rooms in your home. Change your air filters regularly to help keep your air clean.

Tip #3: Take a Look at an Air Filtration System

The right air filtration system for your home can get your air clean and keep it that way. Beyond dirt and dust, an air filtration system can also remove pet dander, cleaning chemicals, dust mites, mold, pollen and other allergens that can affect you and the way you feel.

Your indoor air is not as clean as you think it is. To ensure your home is free from pollutants and allergens, the best thing you can do is properly filter the air. For everything you need to know about improving your indoor air quality, contact our team at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling today.

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