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Three Rookie Indoor Air Quality Mistakes New Homeowners Make


Having great indoor air quality is easiest when you avoid these simple mistakes.

If you want the best indoor air quality for your new home, it’s best to avoid these mistakes. They’re easy to avoid and don’t have to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of time to address:

1.Using the Wrong Air Filter

It might make sense to choose an air filter that removes the most indoor air particles possible. But this isn’t always the best air filter for your home.

This is because air filters that can remove the smaller air particles, such as those with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV rating of 14 or more, are really hard on air handlers. In fact, some HVAC systems may not be able to handle air filters with that level of infiltration. In addition to potential problems with your HVAC system, the wrong air filter will lead to unnecessarily high energy usage.

2.Keeping the Windows Open during Allergy Season

This may not be a big mistake for those who don’t have to worry about allergies, but for those who do, they often forget to keep the windows closed during times when there is a high pollen count. With open windows, pollen enters the home and wreaks havoc on allergy suffers. One exception to this rule: having the windows open when it’s raining. The falling rain naturally scrubs the air of pollen and washes it away.

3.Not Having Enough Air Circulation

The mere movement of air through the home doesn’t clean the air. However, since your HVAC unit’s air filter is the primary way of cleaning your indoor air, the only way it can do so if it has indoor air moving through the air filter. This means running your HVAC system at least occasionally to allow the air filters to do their work.

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