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Three Major Energy Mistakes Most Homeowners Make


Having the highest energy efficiency possible is great, but sometimes it’s the simplest mistakes that cost homeowners a lot of wasted energy.

To ensure the greatest energy efficiency of your HVAC system, you should avoid making the following mistakes. If it turns out that you do make these mistakes, don’t worry, as these missteps are very common. Most other homeowners are making them too!

Mistake #1: Not Fixing Air Leaks

Without the proper installation and weather-stripping, openings to the outside, such as windows, doors and vents, can serve as a source of energy inefficiency. In the winter, warm air escapes and cool air enters. This leads to your heater working harder than it should. In the summer, cool air escapes and warm air enters. The result is your air conditioner running more often. To avoid these energy wasting situations, check for air leaks and promptly plug them as necessary.

Mistake #2: Improper Thermostat Usage

Without knowing better, many homeowners will set their thermostats to a much lower temperature than necessary when they’re feeling extra warm in the summer. Then during the winter season, they set their thermostat to a higher than necessary temperature when they’re cold. The hope is that the heater or air conditioner will work faster with the thermostat set at a more extreme temperature.

This does not work and often leads to energy waste when the heater or air conditioner overheats or overcools the home.

Mistake #3: Not Replacing Air Filters

Air filters serve as air cleaners for your indoor air. But eventually, they need replacing or cleaning. Many homeowners forget to do this because the HVAC system seems to continue working even with dirty filters. While this is true, it leads to wasted energy as the HVAC’s air handler has to work much harder to move the same amount of air through the home.

Want to find out more ways your HVAC system doesn’t have the energy efficiency you think it should have? Contact our experts at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling today.

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