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The Secret to Preventing AC Breakdowns in the Summer

Can maintenance agreements really save your summer from disaster?

HVAC Repairman

Maintenance agreements are more than they’re cracked up to be. Especially in the heat of the summer when your AC breaks down and you’re left in a sweltering house wondering whether or not you should call for emergency service. Here’s how they can help prevent those mid-summer AC breakdowns:

Keeping It Clean

A common cause of air conditioning malfunction is due to dirty parts and components. A maintenance agreement ensures semi-annual inspections of your HVAC system, including your air conditioning unit.

Cleaning the AC unit not only helps keep it running smoothly and effectively, it can also extend the life of your equipment. And even better, it can prevent a breakdown in the middle of the summer.

Reduce Repair Costs

Preventative maintenance helps keep your AC system running like it should and can help prevent the need for costly repairs. Having a service technician inspect and clean your unit twice a year helps ensure any developing issues are addressed and repaired long before they become costly problems.

Prevent Headaches

How long is your to-do list? Most people can relate to having a list of projects they mean to get done that keeps getting longer and longer. When you have a preventative maintenance agreement in place for your heating and air conditioning system, you don’t have to worry about putting it on your list. It will get scheduled and completed on a regular basis so you can go about your day worrying about one less thing.

If your air conditioner goes out in the heat of summer, it can really wreck your fun. Don’t neglect your air conditioning system. Prevent a breakdown with the right maintenance agreement for your home and your system by contacting H.H. Hovey at 336-768-2703 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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