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Should I Replace or Repair My Existing Heating and Air Conditioning System?

To go new or not to go new, that is the question regarding heating and air conditioning.

Repair or replace HVAC

Most people are far from experts when it comes to heating and air conditioning, so it can be hard to know what direction to go if your HVAC system is a little lacking in the productivity department. If your system isn’t keeping your house as warm or as cool as you’d like, you could be asking yourself if repair is the way to go or if it’s time for a replacement. How do you know?

Here are some ways to tell if it’s time to replace an existing HVAC unit:

Consider Age

Age is an important consideration when you’re trying to decide between repair and replacement. As a general rule, the older the HVAC system, the less energy efficient it will be. Energy efficiency ratings and requirements have changed dramatically in the last decade and that should be an important consideration.

If your system was manufactured before 1992, the energy efficiency is 65% or less. With that low rating, replacing your HVAC system will save you enough money in utility costs to make up for the cost of a new unit. Even units that are not older than 1992 could be costing you extra in utility bills. Take a look at the energy efficiency rating to be sure.

Energy Efficiency

The minimum energy efficiency allowed by law is 78% with many systems running at significantly higher, depending on the brand and model. If your current unit is less efficient than that, not only will an upgrade save you money on your utility bills, but you’ll be doing the right thing for the environment.

When you’re trying to decide between repairing an old HVAC system that might not be working as well as you’d like or replacing it with a new upgraded unit, there are many things to consider. Cost is one, energy efficiency is another, and age of the unit is a third.

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