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Researching Residential Heating and A/C Systems? Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Gas Furnaces

What you should know about the best residential heating and air conditioning systems.

Benefits of Gas Furnaces

There’s nothing quite like trying to figure out what type of residential heating and air conditioning systems are out there. The options are vast, the ratings mind boggling, and the sizes a little confusing. Before you have a complete HVAC system-induced meltdown, here’s some information about gas furnaces that might make your search a little easier:

Consider Energy Efficiency and Ratings

Gas furnaces are manufactured to meet the highest levels of efficiency. The efficiency is measured in AFUE, annual fuel utilization efficiency, or how efficient the furnace is at converting fuel to heat over a year’s time. A furnace with a 90% efficiency rating uses 90% of its fuel to heat your home, while only 10% is lost up the chimney. The Federal Trade Commission requires that the AFUE is displayed on all new furnaces.

Remember Efficiency is Important

Gas furnaces are the most energy-efficient source of heat for your home because gas heats air to a higher temperature, which makes your furnace have to work less to create the same amount of heat another unit would. The more efficient your furnace, the less fuel it uses to heat your home. And although the initial investment is greater the higher the efficiency rating, that expense is recouped over time with significantly lower utility bills.

Be Mindful of Environmental Concerns

Because gas burns with byproducts of water vapor and carbon dioxide, it’s the most environmentally-friendly fuel for home heating, and it has the lowest emissions of any household fuel. This is a karmic bonus of gas.

No Need to Worry about Fuel Availability

Natural gas is delivered to your house through underground pipes, and outages are rare. So fuel availability is not an issue. One less thing you have to worry about!

With so many options out there, it can be challenging to decide which type of HVAC system you need. Gas furnaces are a great option, but before you commit, talk to the experts at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling for guidance on selecting the right residential heating and air conditioning system.

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