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Reasons to Change Your Air Filter before Thanksgiving


What’s your indoor air quality like these days? If you’re like most people, you assume it’s fine. What you don’t know is that there are most likely a lot of pollutants in your indoor air. Here are three reasons to change your air filter before your guests show up for Thanksgiving dinner:

Reason #1: What’s in Your Air

If you ever feel like you’re sneezing more than usual, have itchy eyes, or irritated skin, it could be the quality of the air in your home. Everything from pet dander and pet hair to fumes from cleaning products and dust (not to mention mold, mildew, and pollen) could be irritating your sinuses, eyes, throat, and lungs. Changing your air filter can help your HVAC system do a better job of keeping those pollutants out of the air.

Reason #2: Your Air Filter Is Important

The air filter for your HVAC system is the first line of defense against indoor air pollutants. The filter will trap the airborne contaminants before they go into your heating system and get circulated through your house again.

Reason #3: What Changing the Filter Will Do

You should change your air filter every 60-90 days to help keep your air clean. The filter can get clogged, and when that happens it isn’t as effective at protecting your heating system, or at keeping your air clean.

If you’re expecting a crowd this Thanksgiving, do them and yourself a favor and change your HVAC air filter before the big feast. Your air will be cleaner, and everyone will feel better for it.

For more information on making the most of your indoor air quality, contact our team of experts at H.H. Hovey today.

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