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Quick Guide for Ductless Split HVAC Systems

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What do you know about a ductless split HVAC system? Unless you have one, you might not know very much. And that’s okay! We’re here to fill you in. Take a look at our quick guide to these efficient and effective systems.

What is a Ductless System?

Central heating and air conditioning systems force air through ducts installed under the flooring and behind the walls in your home. The ducts lead from the HVAC system to the vents in the floors or ceilings of the rooms in your house. A ductless system doesn’t require ducts. It works by heating or cooling each room individually with a smaller unit.

How Does a Split System Work?

A split system has two primary components – one central unit outside and one or more units inside your house. The outdoor unit cools the air and blows it inside to the mounted cooling units. These interior components are generally either wall or ceiling mounted.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to a ductless split system. They include:

  • No ducts mean no duct cleaning
  • Better indoor air quality due to lack of ductwork
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Individual temperature control in each room
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • A great option for our southern climate

Whether you’re in the market for a new heating system, a new cooling system, or both, consider a split system. The ductless functionality and the ease of installation, along with its efficiency and the ability to control the temperature in each room make it a great choice for your home or office. For more information on ductless split HVAC systems, contact H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling, Inc. today.

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