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Pro tip: The Importance of Air Quality Tests

Air Quality Tests

Your indoor air quality can significantly impact how you feel, especially in the spring when allergens are abundant. A simple air quality test is the best way to tell if your symptoms are from the air outside or inside. Here’s the info you need, straight from the pros.

What’s In Your Air?

There’s more than just dust and pet dander in a typical home. Things you don’t expect can impact your indoor air and your health, most of which are too small for the human eye to see. Some of the pollutants you might find include:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Cleaning products
  • Pesticides
  • Rodent droppings
  • Dust mites
  • Smoke from cooking
  • Paint fumes
  • Carbon monoxide

The Benefits of Improved Indoor Air Quality

Improving your indoor air has many benefits, the most important of which is an improvement in your health. When the air you breathe is cleaner, your allergy symptoms improve, asthma and respiratory issues improve, and you feel better in general. Additionally, your house will be cleaner, it will smell better, and it will be more comfortable. And to top it off, your HVAC system will run more effectively and more efficiently with fewer pollutants working their way through the equipment.

Air Quality Tests and Your Home

Air quality testing the best way to tell if your indoor air quality is up to par. A trained HVAC technician can give you the information you need to make changes for a healthier home.

If you’re worried about the quality of your indoor air, don’t wait until you get sick to find out more. Contact H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling to schedule your air quality test.

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