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Optimal Temperature Setting for Smart Thermostat during Winter Weather


Can you be comfortable and watch your energy efficiency at the same time?

Energy efficiency is a great goal, especially during the cold winter months. But can you save energy without giving up comfort? You bet! Smart thermostats will help you be energy conscious without sacrificing a comfy home. How? By setting your thermostat carefully. Here are some guidelines for setting your smart thermostat during winter weather.

Keep It Comfy

Being comfortable and warm is vital during the cold months of winter. It’s the best way to stay safe and healthy. Take a look at what temperature you’re most comfortable. Once you have a basis for your ideal temperature setting, try adjusting it down a degree or two. Do you notice a difference? If not, keep it a little lower. It will let you stay comfy while using less energy.

Adjust Gradually

When winter starts, it can be a shock to the system. You’ll want extra warmth in your home to keep away the chill. Start with a higher setting when the cold sets in, and gradually lower the temperature by a degree every few days or every week. This will let you acclimate to the cold and adjust slowly.

Consider Common Settings

The most common temperature settings during the winter are 72 degrees when people are at home and 68 degrees when they’re not. If the house is empty or at night when everyone is sleeping, 66 degrees is the most common. If you can drop those settings by one or two degrees, you’ll save significantly throughout the winter season.

For all the information you need on setting your thermostat, the right thermostat for your house, and more ways to increase your energy efficiency, contact our team at H.H. Hovey today.

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