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My Energy Bills Seem Higher Than Usual, Why?

Discover how HVAC commercial services can help lower your business’s energy bills.

HVAC Energy Assessment

Businesses need air conditioning to maintain employee and customer satisfaction; along with commercial air conditioning comes the need for HVAC commercial services. Can it really help if your energy bills seem to be on the rise? Here are some reasons why your bills might seem higher than usual and how professional commercial services can help:

Not Running Efficiently Due to Exterior Factors

If you have windows and doors that are opened frequently, your cooling system is going to have to run harder to try to keep up with the demand. This is going to increase your energy use and make your bills higher. The answer is to monitor your windows and doors to be sure you aren’t cooling the great outdoors when you’re trying to cool your offices.

Not Running Efficiently Due to Age

Older systems are not going to run as efficiently as newer models that have higher efficiency standards and ratings. Investing in a new HVAC system could be the best way to reduce your energy bills. If you choose the right system for your space, you could recoup your investment simply with the savings on your energy use over time.

Not Running Efficiently Due to Lack of Maintenance

There are a lot of issues some general maintenance can overcome. Dirty coils, leaking refrigerant, control failure, sensor problems, and thermostat issues—all of these issues can be detected and fixed with regular preventative maintenance.

Regular commercial service is one of the best ways to keep your business’s HVAC system working at its most effective and most efficient. Not only can it catch small issues before they become big problems, but regular inspection, adjustment, and cleaning can keep your system running better, longer.

Whether your business needs maintenance or a new system, don’t dismiss rising energy bills. There might be a simple fix to make running your heating and cooling system less expensive while keeping your employees and your customers comfortable.

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