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Is Your Dirty HVAC Filter Worsening Your Allergies?

You might not give your HVAC filter much thought, but if you have allergies, that’s something that should change. Is it possible your dirty HVAC filter is worsening your allergies? Let’s take a look.

What Causes Indoor Allergies?

The primary culprits when it comes to irritants that cause allergy symptoms are airborne, which means they’re hard to avoid. They include:

•Dust mites
•Pet hair and dander
•Indoor plants
•Cleaning products

What Role Does an HVAC Filter Play?

Your HVAC filter’s primary job is to protect the heating and cooling equipment from dust and debris. It does its job by trapping airborne pollutants before they move through the system and circulate back through your home.

Why is a Dirty Filter Making Allergies Worse?

When your HVAC filter is dirty, the air no longer flows freely through it. It can’t trap any additional particles. Those pollutants then blow through the HVAC system and out through the vents into the rooms of your home. Not only does this lead to potential damage to the heating and air conditioning equipment, but it can make allergy symptoms significantly worse.

What Can You Do?

Clean indoor air is the best way to reduce your allergy symptoms and help you feel better. To ensure your HVAC system isn’t contributing to allergies, change your air filter every three to six months, more frequently if you have pets. A clean air filter means cleaner indoor air.

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