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Is Your Dirty Air Filter Causing Your Allergies?


Your indoor air quality could be making your allergies worse.

Most people tend to go indoors when seasonal allergies start getting the better of them, but is your indoor air quality making the problem worse? When it comes to your allergies, it might be just as bad inside as it is outside. One of the reasons could be a dirty HVAC air filter. Let’s look at how air filters affect your allergies.

Air Filters Are Not for You

It’s easy to think that HVAC air filters are in place to help keep your air cleaner. The truth, however, is that their primary job is to protect your heating and air conditioning systems. They keep dust and dirt out of the equipment to prevent damage and wear and tear. Even if they’re clean and new, they still can contribute to your allergies because they don’t filter all allergens from the air.

All Filters Are Not Created Equal

If you have allergies, it’s worth your time and a little extra cost to upgrade your HVAC filter to a HEPA filter. It will capture more of the airborne pollutants that get circulated through your house and make you feel miserable.

It’s About More than a Clean Filter

Your filter isn’t the only thing that needs regular attention. HVAC maintenance is another way to protect your indoor air quality. Cleaning in and around the system, inspecting and cleaning the ducts and ventilation, and making sure the system is running as it should be are all things that will help keep your home allergy-free.

You don’t have to choose between your HVAC system and feeling good. Your heating and cooling system should work to help you breathe easier and reduce your allergy symptoms. Call the team at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling to learn more ways to improve your indoor air quality.

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