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HVAC Sizes: Which One is Right for You?

Go big or go home is not the right approach when it comes to your heating and air conditioning system. When you’re shopping for a new system for your home, it can be hard to know what size is best. We’re here to help. Take a look at what to keep in mind when determining which HVAC size is right for you.

The Size of Your House

Bigger isn’t always better, and smaller doesn’t mean less expensive. If the HVAC system you invest in is too big for the amount of square footage, you’ll end up with equipment that isn’t energy efficient. It will cycle on and off frequently than it should, using more energy than you’d like. If it’s too small for the house, you’re also going to end up with higher utility bills. A unit that’s too small will have to run more to keep up with demand, using more energy in the process and resulting in excessive use and potential early breakdown.

Other Variables

When determining HVAC sizing, other considerations include how many people live in the house, how many large windows there are, and what climate you live in. The amount of insulation your house has and how often you run heat-generating appliances can also come into play.

How You Decide

The best way to choose the right HVAC unit for your house is by talking to an HVAC professional. There are calculations specific to all of the variables listed above that a reliable HVAC company can do to help you pick the right size unit for your house. Who should you call? The team at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling, Inc. is standing by and ready to help. Call them today for all of your HVAC needs.

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