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How Your Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor Could Help You Not Need Them As Often

Are heating and air conditioning contractors looking out for your best interests?

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Do you ever wonder about the real intentions of heating and air conditioning contractors? Do they have the same reputation as used car salesmen, just out to make a buck? We’re here to tell you that HVAC contractors are not out to take your money and run. In fact, they often operate in a way that makes you not need them as often. Here are some examples:

Heating Troubleshooting

Many heating and air conditioning companies have troubleshooting tips on their websites. Got a problem in the middle of the night? Hit the Internet and take a look. For a lot of common problems you’ll find tips on what to check and quick fixes that be exactly what you need to get back in business—without calling in a contractor to help.

Everything from no hot air to the blower running constantly, to loud noises and lack of heat are usually covered. Troubleshooting is not how they make a quick dollar; it’s how they take care of their customers.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

A skeptic might think maintenance plans are a hunk of hooey, but in truth they’re a great way to make sure your system is working at its peak all year-round, and to nip little problems in the bud before they cause larger issues. An easier way to make a bundle on unsuspecting people would be to charge an arm and a leg for a service call they could have avoided with preventative maintenance.

Finding a contractor you can trust in any industry is a big deal, and it’s reassuring to know you’ve found someone who’ll help when you need it without taking advantage.

For heating and air conditioning contractors that provide services that actually make you not need them, trust the contractors at H.H. Hovey. Contact us today!

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