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How Old Is Too Old for Your HVAC Unit?

hvac-maintenanceh1> Signs that your heating and air conditioning unit may need replacing.

When it comes to your heating and air conditioning unit, numerous factors determine when you need to replace it. While some will try to get you to buy a new system at the first sign of trouble, we focus on helping you get the most out of your current unit. Here are three key signals that you may need a replacement:

Average HVAC Lifetime

The typical heating and air conditioning unit lasts around 15-25 years. Although this can vary depending on the frequency of system maintenance. Preventative maintenance plays a vital role in how long and how well your system lasts. However, if your system is older than ten years, it might be time to start thinking about a replacement.

Repair Costs

Has your system recently become a money pit and no matter how many dollars you spend, it still isn’t performing? If you have had to pay costly repair bills more than once in the last few months, it could mean that you may need to upgrade your heating and air conditioning system.

Increased Utility Expenses

Another sign that your HVAC system may be nearing the end of its life is if the utility bills keep getting higher and higher. When your system is performing at optimal capacity, your utility expenses should be relatively consistent throughout the year.

Similar to an automobile, your unit will need regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure it is performing at its most efficient. Filter changes, tune-ups, and keeping your unit clean are all steps you can take to help your unit run stronger and longer.

If you’re unsure if your heating and air conditioning unit is too old or if you are having issues with your system, contact our experts at H.H. Hovey today. We will make sure your heating and air conditioning system is performing at its best and that it lasts its full lifetime.

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