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How Often Should I Have My Furnace Inspected?

What you need to know about maintenance agreements and the well-being of your furnace.

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Do maintenance agreements ensure proper furnace inspection? And how often does my furnace even need an inspection? Making sure your heating system is working up to par is important. Here’s what you need to know:

Why Is Furnace Inspection Important?

Keeping your furnace maintained helps to keep it running at peak performance. It cuts down on the need for costly repairs. It also improves energy efficiency and extends the life of the equipment. Finally, a furnace inspection ensures the heater is running safely and efficiently.

What Is a Furnace Inspection?

Furnace inspection happens at the time of regular maintenance service. Routine annual furnace maintenance often includes the following:

  • Inspect and change air filters
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Clean and adjust burner assembly
  • Inspect and adjust fan switch
  • Check and adjust pilot light
  • Inspect gas line and venting
  • Test thermostat

How Often Should a Furnace Be Inspected?

There are plenty of people who never have their heating systems inspected or serviced, and they can pay the price when it comes to decreasing in performance and repairs for breakdowns.

Your furnace should ideally be checked and serviced every year before the heating season. This preps your system for winter, makes sure everything is functioning properly and checks the safety of the unit before it kicks into gear when the weather gets chilly.

Just like a car that needs regular tune-ups, your heating system also needs regular TLC. Annual service and inspection can let you rest easy knowing your system is going to keep purring along as long as you need it. For information on how the appropriate maintenance agreement can keep you on schedule with furnace inspections, contact the team at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling.

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