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How Often Should I Get My HVAC System Checked?


Maintenance agreements include provisions for checking your HVAC system more than once a year.

Every homeowner should have a maintenance agreement for a home heating and cooling system. The agreement serves as the foundation for the upkeep and care of your unit, the ductwork, and the thermostat. How often should you make use of the provisions in that agreement? More often than you may think. Here are some examples of when the system needs attention from one of our H.H. Hovey experts.

Full System Inspections Are Essential

The full system inspections provided for in the agreement serve as the basis for ensuring the unit remains fully functional and energy efficient. Some people think that one full inspection per year is enough. A better approach is to arrange for two inspections.

One should take place in the spring. That makes it possible to deal with any wear and tear that occurred during the winter months and ensures the unit is ready to keep the home comfortable during the upcoming summer.

You also want to have the system inspected in the autumn. That inspection ensures that the unit is ready to keep the home warm during the coldest winter nights.

General Check-Ups

Having a technician drop by in between full inspections is also a good idea. General maintenance check-ups make it possible to identify any minor issue that’s developing and resolve it before something major happens. The agreement will cover a couple of check-ups per year.

Emergency Service

There’s always the possibility that something out of the ordinary happens with the unit. The agreement will include provisions for emergency service around the clock. If there is a breakdown, you can call for help, and a technician will be on the way.

Are you familiar with all the benefits included in your agreement? The team at H.H. Hovey is ready to help with any questions that come to mind. We’ll go over any part of our maintenance agreements and answer all your questions. Contact us online or call today at (336) 768-2703. We’re always glad to hear from you.

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